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Jan 18,  · In some cases, this leads to adults with dysgraphia struggling with self-esteem or feelings of inferiority — feelings that an accurate diagnosis can help put a stop to. But a diagnosis can bring more than just relief — it can also open the doorway to accommodations at work, occupational therapy, and an improved outlook on life. Dec 07,  · When dysgraphia develops in adults, the cause is usually a stroke or other brain injury. In particular, injury to the brain’s left parietal lobe may lead to Author: James Roland.

Feb 15,  · Dysgraphia Symptoms at Home If writing has been a lifelong challenge, you’ve likely devised strategies to compensate or to avoid writing altogether. With that in mind, symptoms of dysgraphia in adults will manifest as more than just messy handwriting — they’ll also appear in the purposeful avoidance of writing and in weak fine motor Devon Frye. Dysgraphia in adults Dysgraphia is a learning difficulty, also sometimes referred to as a learning disability or a learning difference, that primarily affects writing skills.