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adult in india literacy program - Anti-feminist Programming

Jan 21,  · HELP A CHILD OF INDIA. Adult Literacy Program Madhepura, Bihar CASE STUDY. Chanda Devi – “Changed of Life” Mrs. Chanda Devi wife of Mr. Akhilesh Mandal has two daughters and one son. She is from economically poor background. Where she hadn’t opportunity to go to school. Her husband is daily labor, working in Punjab. Adult Literacy in India and it's Implications Adult Literacy is the ability of Adults to use a language i.e. to read, write, listen and speak. Adult Literacy includes basic literacy, desirable knowledge pertaining to civic needs, personal hygiene, and adopting political and occupational skills.

Graduates of Adult Literacy Classes walk out with holistically-transformed lives. In addition to learning 5th-grade level reading, writing, and math, students are empowered with the knowledge needed to save money and increase income. They learn about healthy eating, good hygiene, and social ills such as devaluing daughters. The study assesses the problems of Adult Literacy Programs (ALP)in India with special reference to Sakshar Bharat Program in Uttarakhand. The response analysis of two key stakeholders, one as a learner (those to whom this program is made for) and other as functionaries (those by whom this program is executed) have been utilised for the research work.

Expanding the Learning Curve Nearly million adults in India cannot read or write, and are thereby deprived of critical growth opportunities. To address this deficiency, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) came up with the Adult Literacy Program (ALP) in the year cause of literacy and adult education. What do the statistics say? Adult Illiteracy The India Census pegged adult illiteracy at an astounding 34%, i.e. one-third of the total population over the age of 15, on an average. There is a notable disparity among men and women in the country: adult non-literates being % among males and % among.

Be­tween and , ‘functional literacy’ concept based on work-oriented approach came to be emphasized in adult education which focused on functional literacy programme, farmer’s education and Shramik Vidyapiths.