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The Maltipoo varies in size, depending on whether the Poodle parent was a Toy or Miniature. Generally, Maltipoos stand 8 to 14 inches tall and weigh 5 to 20 pounds. A Maltapoo’s size largely depends on the size of the parents. Breeders have three sizes that they breed for. Kay is a phantom female MaltiPoo with white markings on her chest. She was born on Jan 28th, , and will weigh about 8 lbs as an adult.

Maltipoos are a designer dog mix that are bred to be small, hypoallergenic companion dogs. Due to the similar size of both parent breeds, it varies from litter to litter, and depends on which breed is the father, and which is the mother. For some litters, the mother is a Toy Poodle and the father is a Maltese. The second reason, the Teacup Maltipoo is unlike other small dog breeds. This Teacup Maltipoo puppies or adult Teacup Maltipoo dogs are very kid-friendly and affectionate. Even, they are able to tolerate other dogs and pets in the house. The third reason, you have to know that this Teacup Maltipoo .

For the Maltipoo, you should pick out dry food that’s suitable for their age (puppy, adult, senior), size (small) and activity level (low to moderate). Obviously, not all dogs are the same. So if you are worried about what food will work best for your specific pup, it might be worth consulting with your vet. The Maltipoo is one of many Poodle -Mix breeds. Adult Maltipoos have a lifespan of around 12 years and weigh in at around 10 lbs (5 kgs). A Maltipoo full-grown is between 8 and 14 inches tall, so, they are practically lap dogs.

Sweet, cute, and very clever, you can expect most adult Maltipoos to weigh around 10 pounds. They make ideal apartment dogs if you live in the city. They love to spend time with you but they do need some daily exercise. They often live to be quite old and stay playful into their senior years. Go to your phone and then type Maltipoo adults pictures in your search engine. Once you pressed the Enter button, you will see a lot of pictures of Maltipoo adult. Every Maltipoo, including black Maltipoo is known for having such a gorgeous, fluffy coat of hair. It it more better to see the coat when it is wet and one can better see the body.