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adult orientated material - Pure marriage material girlfriend

Definition of adult oriented in the husten.xyz dictionary. Meaning of adult oriented. What does adult oriented mean? Information and translations of adult oriented in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Oct 07,  · Relevance of Material Adult students are most likely to want to learn about subjects that will have immediate pay-offs in their life, especially as it pertains to their social roles. As adults start to navigate marriage, parenthood, career positions, and other complex roles, they begin to orient themselves exclusively to them.

You don't really lose anything by not ticking the question, but usually it's rating user intention and page quality for terms that may have adult-orientated content and science-based content as well. Take the term "penis". Is the user looking for run-of-the-mill porn or an anatomy page? Stuff like that iirc. Adult oriented material means accessories, paraphernalia, books, magazines, laser disks, compact discs, digital video disks, photographs, prints, drawings, paintings, motion pictures, pamphlets, videos, slides, tapes, holograms or electronically generated images or devices, including computer software, or any combination thereof that is distinguished or characterized by its emphasis on matter depicting, .

“Adult-oriented business” means any establishment which as a regular or substantial course of conduct performs or operates as an adult arcade, adult bookstore or video store, adult theater, adult motion picture theater, adult cabaret, adult model studio, adult hotel/motel, or any other business establishment which as a regular and substantial course of conduct offers to its patrons products, merchandise, services or entertainment characterized by an emphasis on matter depicting. Jan 01,  · With Paris Kennedy, Wednesday Harrington, Natalie Minx, Reyja. Slayer Paris see's a young "Chosen" girl fighting the forces of darkness lead by villainous vampires and witches.

Jul 10,  · Jul 10th, am. An adult oriented community is one in which amenities and styles are built to attract adults only and not families with children. So, you usually will not find playgrounds and schools nearby, houses are sometimes smaller with less bedrooms, house designs that appeal to adults only (no family rooms and living rooms, no basements or basements not finished), restrictive . Another word for adult material. Find more ways to say adult material, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at husten.xyz, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.