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Streaming Now Movies Showtimes Videos Made In Hollywood News Born to Love () "THE STAR EVERYBODY ADORES IN A STORY THAT BURNS DEEP IN THE HEART OF EVERY WOMAN.". Born to Love is a American pre-Code melodrama film, directed by Paul L. Stein from an original screenplay by Ernest Pascal. It starred Constance Bennett, Joel McCrea and Paul Cavanagh in a lovers' triangle set in London during World War I.

Constance Bennett and Joel McCrea were a popular romantic team in the early s, starring in four films together, with Born to Love () their first. Written by Ernest Pascal and directed by Paul L. Stein, the film was set during World War I. Bennett plays a Red Cross nurse who meets a pilot with a seven-day pass (McCrea). Directed by Paul L. Stein. With Constance Bennett, Joel McCrea, Paul Cavanagh, Frederick Kerr. A war officer who is thought dead returns to the woman he loves, only to find she has remarried.

While on the set of her latest film, famous movie actress Sylvie Deschamps discovers that the film's producers are planning to turn the picture into a hardcore porn film. When she refuses to go along with their scheme, they produce some very "intimate" photographs of her sister Jenny and say they'll release the photos if Sylvia doesn't comply. In BORN TO LOVE, Constance Bennett (Doris) and Joel McRea (Barry) are lovers who meet during the last weeks of the First World War. London is portrayed as a city in imminent danger of bombs from aircraft. They meet and predictably fall in love despite the chaos and confusion that surround them.