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Jun 15,  · We leave to develop our intellect when we are adults? Along our vital cycle follow developing our cognitive and intellectual capacities in relation to the importance that the people give him to the meaning of his own lives. This is the approach of the German psychologist K. Warner Shaie (n. ). Dynamics of Adult Cognitive Development Page 14 At around the age of 19 or 20, the optimal level of abstract systems (Ab3) emerges, as individuals coordinate multiple abstractions and begin to understand the subtleties and nuances in abstract relations in many domains, including understanding of self and others.

Piaget’s theory of cognitive development ended with formal operations, but it is possible that other ways of thinking may develop after (or “post”) formal operations in adulthood (even if this thinking does not constitute a separate “stage” of development). Section 2 Introduction - Adults in middle age witness continued cognitive development, with many individuals becoming experts in a particular area .