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But in sophomore year, you’re all still more kids than adults most of the time–when you have an opportunity, take it! That’s what college is all about, making the most of the opportunities you’re given. In my sophomore year, I went to Nashville with my mom after visiting Connor’s family in BC and it . The Sophomore Year Experience (SOYE) includes programming and activities designed especially to help you throughout your second year as a Comet: The Sophomore Series of Events lists opportunities throughout the year to help make the most out of your campus experience. What is .

Mar 13,  · I’m halfway into my junior year now, and I can safely say I learned even more about college (and life in general) during my sophomore year than I did the year before. I learned some big lessons that changed my life altogether, and I also learned many small tips along the way that helped out as well. Here are just 27 of them. Ah, it is the year of the wise-fool or the foolish-wise: that is what the word means. Really? Yes. That is the meaning of the word. This describes the second year of a four year school —high school or college. First year students are called freshm.

Jan 11,  · Also feel free to talk to other adults in your life, such as family friends, college counselors, and high school graduates who may have already gone through the process! 5. Take the PSAT (if available) Taking the PSAT as a sophomore is the one time you can take the test when it counts for absolutely nothing. Mar 27,  · The summer after your sophomore year can be a great time to improve upon your academic skills and set you up for success in junior year and even beyond. You may want to consider taking a look at some academic summer programs for high school students.

Sophomore year is the smart time to get a jump start on the college process. Thoughtful planning and preparation can improve your credentials and college admission options. Follow this list of 13 sophomore year action items to achieve more success with less stress! 1 – Stay Focused on Academics. May 05,  · Sophomore year is also a time when you will have to make decisions that could shape the rest of your college experience. By participating in an array of clubs and programs that you may have been reluctant to join freshman year, you are developing a social network that could stick with you for the rest of your life.