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Aug 29,  · Below I selected the most common snug fit condoms with their dimensions and links to online stores where you can order them or look for some additional information. Condom widths of small condoms will range from 45mm, with just a few brands which offer condoms at that size, up to 51mm, which is just 1mm tighter than some regular sized condoms. Most common width of smaller condoms . LifeStyles SNUGGER FIT Condoms - 25 condoms. Smaller, snugger fit, tighter fitting condom. Lubricated latex condoms. This snugger fit helps those of us guys that need and wants a tighter fits to make sure its stays on all the time. Get ready for so loving and protection. From LifeStyles condoms the: Snugger Fit Condoms/5(2K).

Lifestyles Snugger Fit are form fitting small condoms. Measures 44mm in diameter just below the head. Uniquely shaped for a snug fit means more contact and sensation. Specially lubricated for maximum pleasure. Tighter for more contact and. Oct 20,  · The Lifestyles Snugger Fit condom is narrower and shorter than the average ones. It is one of the few snug fit condoms widely available to fit men who have a penis with a circumference between and inches. This makes it one of the top selling smaller condoms worldwide. It has a length of mm/7”, a base width of 49mm/” and thickness of mm/”.