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Eminem "Fast Lane": Slap up a cop and then snatch him out of his uniform Leave him with his socks, hard bottoms and bloomers on To the point you don't suck my dick, then you're gonna get decapitated Other words, you don't fuckin' give me head, then I'm have to take it. Eminem sure has a way with words. Even if you’re not an Em fan, his lyrics have probably grabbed your attention at some point. From overly offensive references about .

Insane Lyrics: I was born with a dick in my brain, yeah, fucked in the head / My stepfather said that I sucked in the bed / 'Til one night he snuck in and said / "We're going out back, I want my. With the release of his new track “Campaign Speech,†we still find Marshall Mathers dropping the word “ft†and threatening violence against .

What, she tripped, fell, landed on his dick? Tsh, alright, Shady, maybe he's right, Grady But think about the baby before you get all crazy Okay, thought about it? Still wanna stab her? Grab her by the throat, get your daughter and kidnap her? That's what I did, be smart, don't be a retard You gonna take advice from somebody who slapped Dee Barnes? Eminem’s new album MUSIC TO BE MURDERED BY

ah yes eminem, the arbiter of gay rights, making a song around the plight of being gay the same guy that called tyler a f*ggot on kamikaze and . How big is Eminem's penis? I don't mean to be rude or anything, but does anyone know what his penis looks like? Source(s): big eminem 39 penis: 0 0. What do you think of the answers? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Sign in. PurpleTygressRose.