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Sed vel ligula gravida, gravida leo in, tempus eros. 09 September, Brut 47, newborn to our ‘sparkle heaven’ Since its very beginning over 70 years ago, Canella has had a penchant for two things above all: sparkle and innovation. Our newest bollicine is a welcome addition to the range of Canella sparkling wines, with a special. Bruno Ceccobelli (born 2 September ) is an Italian painter and sculptor. He currently resides and works in Todi, Italy. Ceccobelli was one of the six artists of the Nuova Scuola Romana or Scuola di San Lorenzo, an artistic movement that grew out of the Arte Povera and Transavanguardia movements of the latter twentieth 2 September , Monte Castello di Vibio, Italy.

Canella is a monospecific genus containing the species Canella winterana, a tree native to the Caribbean from the Florida Keys to bark is used as a spice similar to cinnamon, giving rise to the common names "cinnamon bark", "wild cinnamon", and "white cinnamon".. The wood of Canella is very heavy and exceedingly hard, strong, and close-grained, with Clade: Tracheophytes. Canella Winery. Canella was founded in by Luciano Canella. The winery is located in San Donà di Piave and Luciano’s children, Alessandra, Lorenzo, Nicoletta, and Monica, now run the winery together with Tommaso, the first of the third generation.

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