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A list for gay historical fiction novels -- any novel length work featuring a gay, bisexual, or transgender male protagonist, from any historical period. Differs from the 'Best Gay Historical Romance' list in that romance is not required; can be any genre of historical fiction. Gay Historical Sex Stories. Gay Sex Stories; Categories; Historical; Old West Gang Of Thieves. You'd think, after all these years of being a part of the most notorious thieving group - we're named the Saxons - in the Valley of Brittlewood, that I'd know better. Stealing from the mayor, shoot, I should've known I'd regret it, especially since I.

We take gay historical erotica seriously! Authors generate the content of the gay historical fiction section. GayDemon doesn't read their submissions before publication and cannot guarantee what content you will find while reading these stories. Will Billy ever reach California? Billy pauses at male brothel in a copper mining town. Billy is trained to male prostitution on way to Denver. Aged out as an orphan in Kansas, Billy is sold West. A half Russian Duke and an English Earl meet at a ball and other exciting erotic stories at!

Gay male erotica stories set in the non-recent past. Claimed By The Captain: gay historical first-time bareback erotica Book 1 The year is , and nineteen-year-old Will Sharp has arrived fresh from the country to Portsmouth, seeking a life of.