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Facial features of children with DiGeorge syndrome may include the following: small ears with squared upper ear hooded eyelids cleft lip and/or palate asymmetric crying facies small mouth, chin, and side areas of the nose tip. Mar 27,  · Some of the characteristic facial features are hypertelorism (wide-set eyes), down-slanting eyes, low-set auricles (portion of the ears), prominent nose with squared nasal root, and micrognathia (small size of the lower jaw). Children with DGS can be uninhibited and impulsive, yet they are often very affectionate and able to function socially.

Jun 07,  · Patients with 22q DS usually have characteristic facial features. Common ones include the following (see the images below){ref1}: Retrognathia or micrognathia Long face High and broad nasal. In some cases people with DiGeorge syndrome have no symptoms at all. Sometimes they have distinctive facial features including hooded eyelids, cheek flatness, a prominent bulbous nasal tip, an underdeveloped chin, or ears that appear prominent with attached lobes. These features will vary from person to person.