Three lactating lesbians squeeze milk into their mouths and lick pussies - feeder fetish


feeder fetish - Three lactating lesbians squeeze milk into their mouths and lick pussies

Log in to share and connect with our like-minded community. Feederism is an umbrella term for different kinds of sexual attraction. The fetish includes fat fetishes, feeding, weight gain, bloating, inflating and padding. It is debated if feederism should be counted as a fetish or a sexuality both by members of the community and experts.

Jan 14,  · Feeding is a nesting bowl within feedism, a sexual subculture that fetishizes overeating and weight gain. Feeders want to feed their partners, and feedees want to be fed. Just shy of our first anniversary, my boyfriend Drew told me he had a feeding fetish. . Nov 13,  · Feeder relationships fall under the fat fetishism category but are unique in one specific regard. For feeders, it’s not just a meaty or plus-size body that they find sexually appealing — it’s the Author: Sofia Petkar.

Oct 21,  · Chat forum sites such as Fantasy Feeder provide a welcoming environment for individuals to share sexual fantasies, weight gain progression, and personal insights on the shared fetish. The movement. May 24,  · Gainers And Feeders - A Dangerous fetish♥Support me on Patreon ♥:)♥My online store:♥Vegan Sh.

Jun 29,  · Feeder Fetishism r/ Stuffers. Join. Hot. Hot New Top Rising. Hot New Top. Rising. card. card classic compact. Posted by 5 hours ago. Feed me until I stop smiling. Tease Me! nsfw. 11 comments. share. save. Posted by 10 hours ago. Got asked if I was pregnant again today. Discussion nsfw. 17 comments. Aug 02,  · The authors had stumbled upon this curious case of female “feederism”—a bustling fetish subculture in which one’s most intense sexual pleasure involves eating, gaining weight, or being fed—after.