Tell me how your cum tastes CEI - how girls cum yahoo answers


how girls cum yahoo answers - Tell me how your cum tastes CEI

What happened was it was a normal Friday evening and my parents had yet to come home (they come home at 7pm). My sister's door was closed and I wanted to talk to her about a girl who I had a crush on at my school. I knocked on her door and she answered and we talked for a while about her and how I could ask her out. Her advice was pretty good. Stimulate either her clitoris or g-spot for a while. Toys help with this. And she needs to be able to relax enough for it to happen. It will get really intense for her to the point where she might want to stop, but if she pushes through that few seconds then a colorless and odorless fluid will come out of her urethra, which will make her feel like she is peeing, but she isn't.

girls have organisms just like guys do. they just don't spill it out everywhere it happens inside them. you can always tell if you made her come first by the way she acts when she climaxes and then you can fell it when she goes from moist to slip and slide action. Jul 29,  · I'm making my boyfriend a calendar for his Christmas present this year, So for one of the months I'm going to have to make fake semen. It doesn't need to taste good or be digestible or anything. I just need it to look real in a photograph. If you have a recipe for some, that would be spectacular:).

Female ejaculation (also described in the medical literature as orgasmic explosion, and colloquially as squirting or gushing) refers to the expulsion of noticeable amounts of clear fluid by human.