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swear words cunt - Messy... The Wrong Word To Describe This Slut!

While cunt’s exact origins are unknown because the word is so very old and has sounds that are common to both European and Indian languages, there’s evidence it . 1. Cunt. I felt nervous even typing this word. Cunt is the one of the few swear words that's just an absolute no go in many situations. In my house, you can get away with a decent selection of bad swears, but if you even so much as try to drop a C-bomb, you'll be emancipated by sundown.

Cunt – “Vagina” One of the most offensive dirty words (at least in English), referring to a vagina, typically used to call people stupid. In the UK, this word alone can mean a . Cunt is one of the most heavily tabooed words in the English language, it’s the Nigel Farage of swear words. If you were to call someone a wanker or a bastard – as an insult – they’d say it was.

Cunt – n., vagina; an unpleasant or stupid person. Strong, but much less offensive than in the US. Can be used as an adjective in the related word cuntish. Use with care, unless writing a piece. The word “cunt” was a common word used for female genitalia; nothing vulgar about it, nothing insulting about it – just another word for vagina. It began to be publicly associated as a more sexual term with writers such as Chaucer and Shakespeare.